Actively pursuing to achieve the final scope of any project, not limited to make the necessary diligences and providing solutions, we moreover assume together with our partners the risks associated to any investment project. Because we want you to know better our work, here are some activity specifics in which we have the required competencies, and which we are pleased to offer for your business:

 Assistance in starting projects related to the development of international retail chains (mini-markets, supermarkets, hyper markets). This covers a wide range of consulting services, like identifying appropriate locations for the placement of these buildings, the clarification of the legal and urbanistic status of the sites, the negotiation with the owners of the property right, the right of use or administration and not least to provide assistance for the conclusion of the legal documents for acquiring the ownership / use right;

 Assistance in obtaining loans for investments, assistance in obtaining legal permits and the required authorizations, any other assistance necessary to finalize any investment project;

 Drawing up business plans for real estate projects;

 Competition-related services: drafting reports and legal opinions on the distortion of competition and unfair competition issues;

 Assistance for  financial/banking issues, necessary for  business projects in order to obtain non-refundable loans awarded through SAPARD, PHARE and ISPA programs;

 Assistance for companies which make direct investments with significant impact on the Romanian economy by providing information about the Romanian business environment and about the required documents for the establishment of companies in Romania, and advising them in relation with the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment;

 Assistance for companies established abroad regarding the Romanian legal business environment: legal forms of the companies, necessary permits/authorizations etc.;


GDS CONSULT offers assistance in obtaining financing (non-refundable loans):

 Determining the project in relation to the priority axes
 Carrying out feasibility studies and business plans for potential beneficiaries
 Carrying out market studies
 Legal, technical and economical assistance
 Identifying and monitoring financing sources
Drawing up documentations for financing

GDS Consult offers specialized consultancy for Varos Development in order to obtain the financing necessary for the development of a business center, out of non-refundable loans through the Regional Operational Program 2007-2013 - Priority Axis 4 - to support the regional and local business development - Area of intervention 4.1. - Sustainable development of the regional and local business support structures - 20 million Euros.

GDS Consult offers specialized consultancy and draws up the feasibility studies in order to obtain non refundable structural funds for Brancoveanu Palace Dambovita, Potlogi.


GDS Consult participates in association with other law firms to bid for public utility arrangement Hydro Pascani.


We have to mention the fact that our company is directly involved in all these business projects assuming all the risks together with its partners.