Orasul viu



GDS Consult has been a sponsor of the Conference ”Orasul Viu - the sustainable development of Bucharest: investment, architecture, environment, held on 11 May 2011 in WORLD TRADE CENTER BUCHAREST, organized by Art Metropolis Association , under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, with support from  the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the National Environmental Guard and the Committee on Public Administration, Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance of the Chamber of Deputies.



The opening words of the conference belonged to Mr. Dinulescu Radu, President of Metropolis Art. The event brought together project developers, architects, lawyers and was attended by representatives of institutions and local and central public administration authorities: Mr. Răzvan Murgeanu - Secretary of State in the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Mr. Cristian Apostol - Secretary of State for the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Mr. Silvian Ionescu - General Commissioner  of the National Environmental Guard, Mrs. Sulfina Barbu - Chairman of the Committee of the Public Administration Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Mihai Cristian ATANASOAEI - Prefect of Bucharest, Mrs. Cristina Coruţ - Subprefect of Bucharest, Ms. Anca Ginavar -  General Director of the GeneralDirectorate of Territorial Development of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Mrs. Simona Săceanu - Director Regional Environmental Protection Agency Bucharest, Mr. Gheorghe Patrascu - Chief Architect of Bucharest, Mr. Daniel Brick - Chief Architect District 4, Mrs. Cristina Parvulescu - City manager, City District 6, Mrs. Miruna Dinu - Director ot Office of Cadastre and Land Registration Bucharest.





The topics discussed at the conference were focused in particular on the need to develop public-private partnerships, the willingness of authorities and businessmen to involve in the private sector, in decision making and in the legislative process of central government and local authorities, outlining the general principles of organization and functioning of Bucharest with the perspective of changing the local government amendment law.


The officials of the authorities present at the event showed receptivity towards the proposals which came from the private sector and the openness to participate at other events on similar topics.


The Art Metropolis Association is assuming its mediator role  between businesses and public authorities to organize meetings, seminars, conferences under the aegis of Orasul VIu, designed to highlight the problems which the private companies that invest on the Romanian market are facing with.


The main partners of the event were Willbrook Management International, Netcity by Uti, Iridex Group, Urban, Apa Nova, Vivani Salubritate și Supercom.
General Producer - Lion House Consult.



Aqua Parc Bleu Ciel



Project Aqua Park Bleu Ciel is the largest aquatic recreational complex in Bucharest, developed through a private investment, to be located  in the center - south of Bucharest, situated exactly between Sala Polivalenta, Palatul Copiilor  and Tineretului Boulevard which recovers an unused area of Tineretului Park.

With this location it is aimed to increase the attractions in the south area of Bucharest, by developing recreational functions, Aqua Park making the transition between the park area and the recreational area. The project adds an extra water recreational area in the south of Bucharest, in balance with the northern lakes area, and the high -class landscape arrangement of the facilities will raise the standard of the area. Our consultancy company has been involved in the clarification of all the legal economic and urbanistic aspects, for the achievement of this water park.





PARTNERS: A team with experience in designing and carrying out this type of investments grants the development of the project at top European standards:

Sextant French Architecture (www.sextant-architecture.fr), responsible for concept development and technical project;

PZP Architecture Romania (www.pzp.ro ), responsible for urbanism, details of execution and transposing the technical project into Romanian standards;

Synergetics Corporation Romania (www.synergetics.ro)



Art Metropolis



Cultural association which aims to promote the social, cultural and educational values, the eco-civic spirit, to support human values and in particular young people through raising awareness of their crucial role in social development. The association also promotes, as well, the urban development of cities in Romania by maintaining the idea of European sustainable development and following the model of development of the German cities which had to entirely rebuild the urban tissue of the localities after the Second World War.





GDS CONSULT Ltd. is interested in providing logistics to the association and also in providing consultancy for the development of the values and ideas that Art Metropolis promotes, participating with legal and urbanistic specialists.






With the purpose of knowing the current situation about the  phonic pollution in the cities and to establish measures to mitigate noise, and thus reduce public exposure to high noise levels, the European Union issued the Directive 49/2002. The Directive provides for the realization, in stages and according to the number of inhabitants, of noise maps which must be focused on road, rail, airport traffic and industrial areas.





Complying with the obligations of EU membership, Romania has implemented the Directive into the national legislation through the Romanian Government Decision no. 321 / 14.04.2005 on the assessment and management of environmental noise. Bucharest Municipality has answered in due time the requirements of the legislation on noise maps and implemented a complete management solution for the administration of the environmental noise through the project, ACOUSTIC MAP AND MONITORING SYSTEM FOR NOISE LEVEL in BUCHAREST.


Our consulting company has been involved in the development of a network of customers for the related products and services of training, which ENVIRO CONSULT is entitled to sell and the services provided by ENVIRO CONSULT, respectively the realization of noise maps for public authorities or private companies.


To achieve the noise maps, GDS Consult and Enviro cooperated to participate in auctions organized by the local or central public administration authorities all over the country, in order to be awarded projects to achieve noise maps and noise monitoring systems, and for carrying out contracts  in the situation that are awarded in favor of Enviro.






In the actual geostrategic context, the necessity to protect the population in emergency situations as a result of the multiplication and diversification of non-military risks, which can have dramatic effects on life and health of many people, given the proliferation of terrorist attacks worldwide and especially those directed towards the interests of NATO member states, particularly those caused simultaneously, as were those from Turkey, Russia and the series of terrorist attacks, dated 11 March 2004 in Spain, resulting in about 200 deaths and 1,500 injuries, amid accelerating trends of globalization, radical climate changes, the development of scientific experiments with unpredictable effects, the diversification of legal economic activities and many more, which use, produce and comercialize dangerous substances, requires the operationalization of the National System of emergency Situations Mangement in the shortest time, whose intervention forces are integrated into the National Security system.





GDS Consult has provided consultancy services for developming a feasibility study:The Emergency System Management in Bucharest.








GDS CONSULT provided consultancy and assistance services for the development of the commercial center Sun Plaza Bucharest and Siret Plaza Galati.





Willbrook Management



GDS Consult provides legal advice for the future investment project Cathedral Plaza, a 19 storey office complex in the downtown of Bucharest. The 75 meters height that the office tower will have, will provide the fifth place in the classification of the highest buildings in Bucharest.

GDS Consult also provides general business consulting for the Willbrook Platinum Business and Convention Center (www.willbrookplatinum.ro), a premium business destination in Bucharest, the perfect office space and the ideal choice for hosting major conventions, trade-shows, meetings and special events, an eco-friendly project with innovative ecological strategies for water and energy management and conservation.





Plus Discount





GDS CONSULT provided assistance and consulting services to develop Plus Discount chain stores by intermediating purchase the of  sites.










GDS CONSULT provided specialized consultancy assistance necessary to complete investment projects, clarifying legal and urbanistic situations of the sites considered for the development of the fuel distribution system.